Chef Judi G. video for Tahini Shrimp

Fresh From The Sea

Frequently Carried Items

  • Mahi-Mahi

    Mahi-mahi has a sweet, mild flavor and very firm texture. Raw fillets are pink to grayish-white, and cooked meat is off white.

    Lane Snapper

    Mild and sweet, snapper has a semi-firm texture. Like other species of snappers, it is prized for its tasty, white meat.


    Corvina has a mild, sweet taste with firm, large flaked flesh which is pinkish when raw but cooks up white. Availability is late April through early October.

  • Shrimp

    Shrimp come in many forms and sizes allowing for a variety of preparations and uses for a meal. They come P&D, Tail on or P&D tail off.


    We routinely carry Gulf Oysters from Suawanee Sound, Apalachicola, Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut and a variety of Canadian.

    Atlantic Salmon Farmed Import

    Salmon has a rich orange color, even after cooking. it has a moderate flavor and is more mild and delicate than some other fish. Salmon is an excellent source of Omeg-3.

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